How would you like to live in a country that, worldwide:

  • is one of the safest
  • is one of the least corrupt
  • has minimal incidences of covid 19
  • enjoys a nice temperate climate
  • has some of the best scenery in the world
  • is sports mad, achieves success in a multitude of sports and punches way above its size per capita of any country
  • has world class educational opportunities
  • has a functioning public health and social welfare system
  • has a politically stable, democratic government
  • is free of refugee problems
  • has one of the world’s most open market economies
  • is one of the world’s top performing economies

and has

  • fresh clean air
  • plentiful natural fresh water
  • unlimited adventure and outdoor activities in rivers, lakes, mountains, forest, and oceans
  • a non class system where merit is more important than colour, politics or religion
  • a culturally diverse and tolerant population
  • is populated by welcoming, kind and generous people

This is New Zealand



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