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Mike Slee

Mike Slee BBS CA, a Chartered Accountant and Recruitment Consultant, established the Sabre Group in 1985, since then the group has invoiced over 70 million dollars in recruitment fees with successful placements and contract assignments completed for many of New Zealand’s Consultancies, Corporates, Small and Medium Businesses and Government Departments.

He is currently continuing the work started in Sabre 35 years ago and is refining and expanding the New Zealand Opportunities brand with a digital footprint in the cloud with new recruitment toolsets, systems, branding, talent identification techniques and a team of recruitment Consultants.

With overseas recruitment he gains immense satisfaction from providing wonderful new life opportunities in NZ for his overseas candidates (who become friends on the journey) and their families. In 35 years Mike has successfully recruited a united nations set of people from almost every continent and country – with that experience he has continued to refine his knowledge in what makes people want to come to New Zealand, who settles best, and who stays (and eventually supports the All Blacks).  

He has developed and promulgated best practice in international recruitment – he was the only Recruiter on a panel drawn from the Department of Labour, Immigration and Industry who spent 6 months developing best practice and knowledge to enhance international recruitment knowledge and practice for New Zealand business. 

He is continuing a recruitment methodology developed over 35 years - a high touch approach for both candidates and client on a limited number of opportunities with resultant high success percentages in placing the candidate and the role.

This aligns with talent identification techniques and personal interest in both the candidate and the client role.  He is thoroughly enjoying the challenge of finding those elusive top skillsets that benefit New Zealand business, whether they be in NZ or overseas.


Mike is a qualified Accountant and has additionally contributed to business with roles in the Chamber of Commerce, Economic Growth Panels, Recruitment and Tourism panels, Commentated on NZ economics, Lectured in accounting and finance and has won awards in Marketing and Sustainability when he developed and ran award winning 5 star tourism accommodation.

Image: Prime Minister John Key presenting awards to Mike Slee.

Mike is actively enjoying recruitment and has over 35 years specialist recruitment in Information Technology - with depth of recruitment in Microsoft skillsets, BI and Data Analytics, ERP, CRM, Architecture, the development stack, and has considerable experience identifying top skills for nearly every major consultancy in NZ.  He is growing NZ Opportunities Health Recruitment Practice and is recruiting Physiotherapists, a profession he respects and has some personal knowledge of from his 40 years of competitive Squash and associated injuries.   

In 35 years he has additionally recruited a multitude of roles for nearly every industry sector across New Zealand and is enjoying sharing that experience with his Account Managers. 


Graeme Slee

Graeme has 35 years’ experience in business with industries such as Retail, Printing, Horticulture and the KiwiFruit industry, and specialist supplies for the Marine, Construction and Engineering industries.  

He has both self-employed and employment experience in roles such as Customer Service, Purchasing, Sales, Retailing, Warehousing and Administration with specialist knowledge of the equipment and industries he has worked in.  He has worked in Auckland, Manawatu, the Bay of Plenty, and supplied into the Pacific Islands.

Graeme’s interests are focused on marine activities - fishing, boating, and sailing, with him owning and living on vessels upto 52 foot.  He lives in the Bay of Plenty.

Graeme is a Lead Recruitment Consultant and in addition to general recruitment is responsible for Marine, Engineering, Electrical, Logistics & Warehousing, and Agriculture sector recruitment which utilises his business experience for the benefit of NZ Opportunities clients. 


Anthea Bindeman


Anthea has a long personal and family history with the automotive industry and from a young age grew up with multiple aspects of the industry ranging from speedway with world record teams, international events, her Father was President of the Australian Sprint Car Control Federation, through to Automotive Innovation, Towing, Trucking, and by 17 years of age Anthea was solo managing the family mechanical workshop responsible for all administration, sales, accounting, staffing, parts, repair and client work etc. 

Anthea then spent many years working in Australia, NZ and the UK in Accounting and Legal Secretarial, Accounting Clerk, Administration, Project Administration, Law Clerk, and Legal Secretarial/HR roles in Management consultancies, Reuters UK, Accounting Firms and Law Firms before moving to a senior position with the Western Australian Legal Practice Board as Course Administrator for the Articles Training Program, Office Manager and organising major events such as the APLEC conference.  Anthea reported to and worked with Senior Partners of major Accounting and Legal Firms, together with senior judiciary such as The Honourable Justice  John McKechnie Supreme Court Judge.

She then spent some time working in NZ and Australia with varied business rescues and management roles such as 4 years office management of Western Australia for an international franchise with total responsibility for franchisee and client liaison, logistics and financial reporting and the integration of NZ operations into Australia. 

Anthea has substantial refrigeration engineering experience gained through her family and investigated, established and then managed a very successful commercial refrigeration company which services major NZ corporates such as Taylor Prestons, New World, PaknSave.  Her management work included infrastructure, marketing and PR, premises, business planning, financial, and working with refrigeration engineers.

Anthea is a Lead Recruitment Consultant and in addition to general recruitment is responsible for Automotive, Law, Accounting/Admin/ HR and the HVAC and Refrigeration sector recruitment which utilises her business experience for the benefit of NZ Opportunities clients.  



Sally Donovan


Sally is a Lead Recruiter in healthcare, utilising the knowledge she has acquired over 13 years in the healthcare industry in New Zealand, Australia and the UK.  She has trained and worked in Geriatric Hospitals, In-home Care, Public Hospitals, Rest Homes, St Johns Ambulance, Community support, Multiple Sclerosis, Oral Health and Iwi based NGO’s.

Her sabbatical was starting a family, creating and running a large business and changing countries before returning to the well-being aspects of the healthcare industry that she loves.

Sally has a degree in Social Health and Well-Being (majoring in Mental Health and Addictions) as she has a particular interest in these areas.

Since re-joining the health industry, she has been working as a Kaiawhina or personal support worker, SIL support worker, Life Coach, and currently as an Alcohol and Drug clinician providing One on One and Group Counselling.

Sally enjoys the aspects of life coaching, offering psycho-education interventions, using mindfulness and Reiki and counselling to adult individuals and groups with substance use disorders and co-existing problems.

Sally specialises in recruiting for roles in mental health and for the wider health and business community where she can use her experience to benefit both clients and candidates.


Chantelle Slee

Chantelle has a wealth of varied experience and qualifications in the health, entertainment and property sectors in roles ranging from martial arts black belt, registered stunt woman, personal, fitness and wellness coach, real estate and health and safety.

She spent over 10 years as a registered stunt performer in the USA, New Zealand and Australia executing high-stakes stunts in demanding environments whilst guiding clients towards their health and wellness goals.

She concurrently spent 8 years as a Personal Trainer and Health & Wellness Coach inspiring individuals to achieve their fitness and well-being aspirations together with promoting a balanced lifestyle.

Her roles included Security Operations & Health and Safety, ensuring the safety and security of personnel and facilities, whilst emphasizing the importance of health and safety protocols.

She provided strategic leadership in property and resort management before moving to the health industry where she has spent the last several years in executive management of Specialist's, Practitioner's & GP's schedules, including the oversight of medical teams and patient care.

Chantille is recruiting Occupational Therapists for our Health Recruitment practice as her stunt work and her fitness, wellbeing and nutrition coaching experience has given her a great appreciation for the work they do.