Air Conditioning HVAC

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

HVAC Engineers and Technicians

New Zealand has a large shortage of experienced HVAC  Mechanical Engineers and Technicians

We are seeking;

Mechanical Engineers specialised in Building Services to design and manage the implementation HVAC systems for a wide range of commercial and industrial projects

Experienced HVAC engineers and technicians Installing and maintaining HVAC systems.  You would need experience Inspecting, Testing, Diagnosing problems, trouble shooting, and making performance improvements


- Where do you want to live and what role would you like? 

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Anthea leads the Air Con/HVAC/Refrigeration  Recruitment Practice. 

She  has substantial refrigeration engineering experience gained through her family.

She spent several years investigating, establishing and then managing a very successful commercial refrigeration company which services major NZ corporates such as Taylor Prestons, New World, PaknSave. 

Her management work included infrastructure, marketing and PR, premises, business planning, financial, hiring support staff and refrigeration engineers