New Zealand's Tremendous Assets

One of New Zealand’s tremendous assets is its unique positioning as an island nation where the outdoors is both beautiful and accessible to the general public with its plentiful rivers, lakes, forests, mountains, beaches and extensive national land, island and marine reserves.

As an outdoors nation, an extensive range of world class activities are available. From the easy to the adventurous, our tourism sector is internationally recognised and attracts over 4 million people a year to experience the magnificent outdoors and the pure green image of NZ.

And if you're not the outdoorsy type? No problem, New Zealand has an extensive cultural sector that globally punches above its weight.

After all that activity, you will probably feel hungry. That's all covered too. As a largely agricultural nation, New Zealand's food production is second to none and we have a huge range of café and restaurant options, from rudimentary comfort food to world class haute cuisine.