New Zealand Information

Here is some very basic New Zealand information detailing some of NZ’s advantages and unique quirks. If you are an overseas candidate, we will discuss in some detail information more pertinent to your own circumstances. This includes NZ cost of living, immigration basics, education system, health system, places to live and of course,  jobs.

NZ Cost of living

Good estimates are available on income, tax and accommodation costs.  Internet Research on the cost of living in NZ is almost always flawed and generally overstates cost – this due to NZ having many duopoly businesses,  limited competition and web research using NZ's Recommended Retail Price system - Kiwi's know the RRP is usually too high and reduce the RRP by taking advantage of extensive discounting throughout the entire economy and the use of shopping and loyalty cards.

Did you know that NZ has a Universal Pension paid out of general taxes to all the qualifying population and set at around 80% of an average wage?

Public Education in NEW ZEALAND

New Zealand's public education is strong and effective, and educational costs are minimal compared to many other countries.

For tertiary education, the government encourages NZ students to gain higher education with benefits available to qualifying NZ residents. The benefits range from government interest-free grants and, more recently, partially free tertiary education.

NZ has 8 Universities (all gaining 5 stars) and 18 technical institutions.

The NZ Education Sector attracted over 106,000 overseas students and earned the country NZ$5.1 billion in 2017.  The country’s higher education system was ranked 16th in the world in the QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings 2018.   NZ Universities do have world leading specialist vocation areas  eg Massey vet studies are rated in the top 50 in the world.


New Zealand has public and private health systems that do function – major differences from other countries include

Medicine - The Pharmac Agency administers free medicine (if qualifying) with a 5 dollar prescription charge.

There is also government support through ACC (the Accident Compensation Corporation) for medical and rehabilitation costs of any private or business personal accidents.

A consequence of this is New Zealand has some of the cheapest medical insurance cover in the world.


Immigrating into New Zealand is easier than you think and we encourage you to apply directly, unless you have problems that a licenced immigration advisor can assist with.

NZ Opportunities recommend one expert immigration advisor whom we trust implicitly.  We have more information on immigration services and the state of immigration due to Covid on our Candidate Services page 



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