Electricians - Domestic, Industrials and Infrastructure

New Zealand has a severe shortage of experienced electrical workers. 

Industry estimates the construction sector is short of 50,000 to 60,000 workers – of which electrical contractors are part of. 

We estimate over there are over 1500 electrical vacancies through out New Zealand with practitioners delivering electrical expertise to a diverse client base across the industrial, commercial, power infrastructure sectors.

You will need to be an experienced qualified electrician – either in New Zealand or your home country. 

Many employers are happy to assist with cross registration for New Zealand certification.

New Zealand Registration as an Electrician is necessary and details can be found here




With 35 years of international recruitment experience we are recruiting a large number of experienced electricians, with roles across New Zealand and with domestic, industrial and infrastructure oriented clients. 

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Graeme leads the Electrical Industry Recruitment Practice.

He has experience supplying specialist components into the marine, engineering and electrical industries.

Graeme Slee
+64 (0) 27 275 0490