Research on New Zealand

World survey after survey consistently rate New Zealand as one of the best places in the world to live, grow, enjoy and raise a family.  We use two different surveys that have extensive information on NZ.

The most comprehensive survey is the The Legatum Prosperity Index.

The survey covers 167 countries, 99.4% of the world’s population –from the survey 

'Prosperity entails much more than wealth, it reaches beyond the financial into the political, the judicial, and the wellbeing and character of a nation – it is about creating an environment where a person is able to reach their full potential. A nation is prosperous when it has an open economy, inclusive society, strong institutions and empowered people who are healthy, educated and safe. This leads to higher levels of wellbeing.'

Recent Legatum Prosperity Index Ranking are 2013, with NZ 5th behind Norway, Switzerland, Canada, Sweden. In 2014, NZ was 3rd, in 2015 NZ was 4th, in 2016 NZ was 1st,  in 2018  NZ was 2nd. Norway has generally been No 1, with Denmark, Switzerland Sweden always in the top ratings. Australia was between 7 and 10.

In 2019 Legatum added more measurements and revised their prior index ratings for this – using the expanded 2019 ratings and going back to 2009 NZ was 10th and has moved to 6 or 7 every year since then.  Under the revised ratings in 2019 NZ was 7th and Australia in 2019 was 17th


The second report is an Annual survey of expatriates from all around the world by HSBC- Bank in Hong Kong 

see for a full analysis, and a review of NZ is at –  NZ in 2019 is 5th behind Switzerland, Singapore, Canada, Spain.  In assessing these countries, you would need to be mindful of difficulty of entry to Switzerland, lifestyle of Singapore, capability of Spain in government, infrastructure and public health issues

COVID Assessment

September 2020 Forbes.  New Zealand assessed as No 2 safest country in the world during the Covid pandemic, this behind Germany, South Korea is no 3.  The assessment is based on the efficiency of quarantine systems, health readiness and management and detection of the virus.



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